What is Celtic Health Insurance?

Celtic health insurance has been providing various kinds of health insurance plans since 1978. Even though initially Celtic started with group insurance, life insurance and individual insurance plans, eventually they settled with only individual health insurances. Today, Celtic is one of the leading specialty health insurance companies in the United States. It has over 90,000 policy holders all across the US. Celtic is licensed to provide health insurance in all the states except Hawaii. Their excellent reputation, financial stability and customer support fetched them A.M Best rating A- (excellent).Celtic provides mainly five kinds of individual health insurance plans; Celtic basic health coverage, Comprehensive health plan, HSA qualified health plans, short term medical insurance and student health insurance. All these main categories have several subdivisions.Celtic basic health coverage- Celtic basic plan works within doctor and hospital PPO network. This policy covers people between the age group of 6 months and 64 ½ years. Under this plan, the policy holder can visit the doctor 2 times per year with co-pay of $30 each. Anything extra will have to be borne by the customer. Basic plan is a low premium plan with high deductible. The deductible offered are $1,500, $2,500 and $5,000. Prescription drugs are not covered in this plan. However, one can opt for prescription drug coverage as an add-on.Comprehensive health plan- There are three types of comprehensive plane; Celticare preferred select PPO, Celticare preferred ‘Any Doc’ PPO and Celticare preferred managed indemnity. Celticare preferred select PPO policy holders can access doctor and medical facility that are within the network. They can avail the high quality care for the lowest premium and the co-pay is as low as $15. ‘Any doc’ PPO members have the flexibility of going to any doctor for the medical care. However, to enjoy the complete benefits of the policy, the hospitals should be within the PPO network. ‘Any Doc’ policy holders have to pay co-pay of $35 per office visit. Celticare preferred managed indemnity members do not have any restrictions. They can visit the doctor and hospital of their choice. Comprehensive health plan provides $20 co-pay for prescription generic drugs.HSA qualified health plans- This is a high deductible plan that offers the option of opening a health savings account. People who have this policy can avail the unique tax benefits. This plan offers managed indemnity and PPO plans for members who are aged between 18 years and 64 ½ years.Short term medical insurance- It is temporary health insurance coverage for those between jobs, college graduates and early retirees. Applicants can choose the length of coverage from 1-6months. Inpatient, outpatient, office visit surgical charges and laboratory charges are covered under this policy.Student health insurance- This is also a temporary health insurance that is ideal for students. Applicants can choose the length of coverage from 1-6 months and they can apply for three terms for a total of 12 months of coverage. Student health plans are available in different deductibles.Celtic is a specialist in individual plans. It is an affordable solution for anyone who is in need of high quality health care plans.

Buying Health Insurance? From Whom?

Health insurance:From the Company directlyYesMost companies do not sell health insurance to their customers directly. They assign the task to their agents who in turn sell health insurance to customers. However, there are certain companies that take the applications for health insurance directly from the customers. Here one needs to be well informed and aware as to the companies that are trustworthy and the ones that are fake. It is important for you to know how one company is different from the other in terms of benefits best suited to your needs. Another advantage of getting your insurance done directly from the company is that you are the sole decision taker, you are in direct touch with the company and know what is happening. There is no middleman involved here and you take your own decisions with regard to health insurance. Also, you know exactly which schemes have come up, and do not have to depend on the knowledge and awareness of either the agent or the broker, who tells you what to do.NoGetting your health insurance directly from the company means you have to interact with the company for every small issue. You have to personally visit the company each time; also it may even take days sometimes to get data from the company which a middleman (an agent or broker) would be able to get easily.
From the AgentYesAn agent is a person who helps you by getting you a health insurance policy through a company which he represents. As he represents a particular company, he is in the complete know-how of all the details pertaining to that company including available benefits, packages offered, the way things are processed there, the deadlines that need to be adhered to, the way claims are to be handled etc. He gives you that personalized touch, by volunteering to come over to your house for collecting documents and payments, for taking your signatures and for other important things. Importantly, an agent gives you all the necessary information as per you requirements, he advises you as to how you should go about investing, when to renew your policy, how to claim your money, when to get a top-up done etc. You simply have to give him your premium and he would do everything else for you.Besides, banks also provide health insurance to customers by having a tie-up with specific agents. This is a risk-free way of getting your health insured. However, you have to check which bank can provide you with the benefits that suit your particular health needs.NoAs agents represent a particular health insurance company and act on behalf of that company, some of them tend to get biased towards that particular insurance company. Also, as has been observed in a few cases, some agents do not provide customers with information pertaining to the packages offered by the other insurance companies in the market as their commissions are paid by the particular health insurance company they represent.Again, while buying a health insurance policy from your agent, it is important that you take a look at the policy wordings which contain the details of the policy. This will make the exclusions clear to you. (Exclusions are the finer details including pre-existing diseases, waiting period etc)As is sometimes observed, especially in India, some agents are mostly seen to specialize in life insurance, and just ‘happen’ to sell health insurance. They do not specialize in health insurance per say, hence the level of knowledge in the subject may be low.From the BrokerYesWhile an agent represents that company for which he works, a broker actually represents multiple insurance companies. The broker acts as a bridge between the insurance company and you. When you get yourself a health insurance policy from a broker, you will be given an option to choose from various different companies. You can then compare the benefits, the positives and negatives of the packages offered by each company and then zero in on the one best suited to your needs. The broker gives you a complete understanding as to which package by which company would best be applicable to your needs. As this way you get to do a thorough comparison between insurance companies, it is advisable to opt for the broker. Also, as the health insurance broking company gets the same per cent commissions from all the companies they represent, there remains little room for speculation and their neutrality remains intact.NoThough there are not many potential negatives associated with choosing a broker while buying yourself a health insurance plan, yet, a major glitch is in recognizing the right broker. Many a times, a particular broker, may have limited knowledge of the benefits each company offers, and he may tend to behave like an agent. Also, make it a point to check the credentials of the broking company through which you plan to get your health insurance done. Generally, a broking company has to have a minimum paid up capital of about 50 lakh rupees in order to apply for a license. This means that these companies cannot simply go into oblivion by-night.By going through the positives and negatives of the options, you can get a clear picture, thereby being able to make an informed choice and being the master of your own mind!

The Big List of Health Insurance Companies

In the past health was not much of a political issue. People breathed fresh air tried to eat healthy fruits & vegetable that grew naturally with the use of organic fertilizers and used what medicines were available.But today people usually use non-organic fertilizers and use those with chemicals on them. Also one of the contributing factor which affects people’s health is pollution, people barely breathe fresh air in the city. They have to go to the mountains or the country to breathe fresh air. Today people are becoming aware and concerned about their health, especially when there was a SARS and H1N1 virus outbreak in the country which reach the other country.Health insurance may be very expensive yet it is also very important for it deals with you and your family’s health which could later lead to your death if it is not given medical attention. Having your whole family covered in a health plan will also give you peace of mind for you know that when one of your family members gets sick the insurance company will help you pay for the bills.Health insurance is expensive because many of our medicines are also getting expensive. But if you are planning to get a health plan then you should first see what your budget is. You can find insurance plans that fit your budget and gives you the medical needs that suits you and your family.Here is a list of some Health Insurance Companies that provide service in the United States. This is not an exhaustive list but should provide some idea of where to look for individual private coverage. America Medical Security, Inc.
Oregon Health Insurance
Independent Blue Cross, Philadelphia
Community Health Plan of Washington
WPS Health Insurance
Southeastern Indiana Health Organization
ViaHealth Managed Care Services
Affinity Health Plan
Independent Health
CarePlus Health Plan
MedAmerican Insurance Company
American Family Mutual Insurance Company
UNICARE Insurance Company
Botsford Health Plan
American National Insurance Company
Vista Health Plan
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Oxford Health Plans, Inc.
UnitedHealth Group, Inc.
Sentara HealthcareListed above are only few of the many health care providers in our country. If you decided to buy a health insurance then make sure that the insurance company is approved by your state government.This is so that you won’t be deceive by the fake companies, especially when you are planning to buy your coverage online. There are many good to be true health insurance that are offered online but don’t jump to it right away so that you won’t be one of the many victim who paid for that insurance that does not exists.Make sure that if you purchase any insurance you purchase it from a reputable insurance company just to be safe.